Language Policy

The language of the journal is English with Turkish extended abstract. Articles sent to ENAD must be written in simple and understandable language and comply with grammar rules and scientific literature. Manuscripts must be fluent and understandable.

Proof-reading document must also be submitted during article submission. Competent institutions must proofread studies that are submitted for publication. You can have your studies proofread by institutions that provide certified proofreading services. You can use the institutions listed below.

In addition to the English translation companies listed below, you can also choose another proofreading company of your choice. If you go with the latter, it is your responsibility to make sure that the translation is reliable and high quality. Please see the template for proofreading (ENG), which needs to be officially stamped and signed by the translation company.


Author(s) receiving proofreading service is required to upload the following documents to the system with wet signatures.

Proofreading ENG