Ani Publishing Education and Consulting

Ani Publishing is a national/international publishing house that has been operating continuously and regularly in the field of publishing and information systems since 1993. He has produced many publications in different fields and translated more than fifty foreign languages ​​into Turkish. The activities of the publishing house include publishing, periodicals, education, consultancy, knowledge generation, knowledge management and academic solutions.

Pioneer in Academic Publishing

Ani Publishing made significant contributions to the institutionalization and development of academic publishing. Ani Publishing makes academic publications in the fields of education, sociology, psychology, methodology, chemistry, physics, Turkish language and literature, preschool, personal development and health sciences. Ani Publishing has added new fields of activity every day to its works, which it continues without compromising its scientific and academic line.

Academic and Scientific Organizations

EJER, which has become a brand in Turkey, also organizes the international EJERCongress since 2014. EJERCongress, which is one of the most prestigious congresses in the field of education, is hosted by a different university every year and hosts thousands of local and foreign academics and researchers.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Programs

Ani Publishing carries out the election of more than 10 international companies in Turkey and the regional state. It has completed the regional regulation agreement with QSR International and assumed the sole authority of NVIVO data analysis software for 21 countries. It is also the Turkey Sales Representative of LISREL, HLM, IRTPro software and Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA), Maxqda, Inspiration and Navicat software, which are at the service of Turkey Sales Representative.

It is for academics and academic purposes in a field of activity in the scientific and academic field. Being in the fall semester under the name of Academic School, it organizes trainings under different headings in at least two worlds. Hundreds of researchers attend trainings on research methods and NVIVO, LISREL, CMA programs. With these trainings, they share their experience researches and learn about new preparations, and take part in the same design planning software. Academic trainings can be carried out at universities or in a different way, depending on.