Analysis of Open and Distance Learning Narratives Within a Lifelong Learning Context

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  • Şeyda KIR
  • Aras BOZKURT



Lifelong learning, open and distance learning, distance education, online learning, adult learners


In today's conditions, where knowledge is the fundamental element of development and change, lifelong learning has emerged as a valuable concept in order to survive and adapt to the change in information ecology. In this context, the main purpose of this research is to examine how experiences of learners in the open and distance learning environment contribute to learners' lifelong learning process. For this purpose, narrative research, one of the methods of qualitative research, has been conducted. Within the scope of the research, learners ' experiences and stories related to learning processes within the Open Education System, which is an open and distance learning environment, were used. In this respect, the working group of the research consists of learners in Open and Distance Learning System. A total of 31 stories out of 2700 learners were selected and those under the theme of lifelong learning theme were analyzed in the context of lifelong learning. According to the research findings, issues affecting learners ' lifelong learning processes are identified as motivation, personal development, professional development, socialization and self-directed behaviour.



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KIR, Şeyda, & BOZKURT, A. (2020). Analysis of Open and Distance Learning Narratives Within a Lifelong Learning Context. Journal of Qualitative Research in Education, 8(4).