Teacher Perspectives on Secondary School Students' Reactions to School Achievement in the High School Transition System

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  • Burak AYDIN
  • Hikmet YAZICI




Academic achievement, LGS, TEOG, secondary school, teacher opinion


This research aims to gain a better knowledge of how the LGS System, which was implemented in 2017 after the TEOG System was withdrawn, reflects student achievement. The case study pattern was used in this study, which was conducted utilizing the qualitative research approach. The criteria sampling methodology is used in this study instead of the intended sampling methods. According to this, the research's study group consisted of 12 instructors who worked in Gumushane Central secondary schools and were given questions from their majors in the new test system. As a data-gathering method, researchers devised a semi-structured interview form. A theme analysis method is used to analyze the study data. The NVivo 11 package application is used to analyze the data. According to the research results, the LGS system is able to distinguish students in the lower, middle and upper quadrants, and the children in the upper quadrants have increased their high level of intellectual talents, motivation and academic achievement. In addition, students in the lower and middle quadrics were found to have decreased motivation, achievement, and self-sufficiency judgments as a result of the system. It was also discovered that students value courses based on their question coefficients and tests. While the TEOG System is generally regarded as beneficial, the exam is memorable and does not adequately acknowledge students in terms of academic achievement, which has been identified as a drawback. The study's findings have led to recommendations for a new assessment system and central and neighbourhood placement.



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AYDIN, B., & YAZICI, H. (2022). Teacher Perspectives on Secondary School Students’ Reactions to School Achievement in the High School Transition System. Journal of Qualitative Research in Education, (30). https://doi.org/10.14689/enad.30.6