Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
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You can manage the workflows (editorial, reviewer and author) in OJS_ENAD Journal Management System by getting help from the videos below.⇓

1. Registering and Logging In/Kayıt ve Giriş
Editors /Reviewers /Authors: Editörler, hakemler,yazalar

2. Editorial Workflow Overview
Editör İş akışı/ Genel Bakış

3.The Author’s workflow /Yazar İşakışı
Submitting an Article / Makale yüklemek

4. Responding to a Submission
   Gönderime Cevap verme

5. Editorial Workflow/ Editör İş Akışı
Assigning a Reviewer/ Hakem Atama

6. The Reviewers Workflow
 Reviewer’s Steps / Hakemlik Aşamaları

7. Responding to the Reviews
Değerlendirmeleri Cevaplama


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