Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
The Pre-Service Teachers’ Reflection-on-Action during Distance Practicum: A Critical View on EBA TV English Courses
Ümit Özkanal, İlknur Yüksel, Banu Çiçek Başaran Uysal

Abstract. This study touched upon a current issue; online education offered during the pandemic: Pre-service teachers’ observations of the EBA lessons offered via online platform to the students were focused on. In that context, the pre-service teachers’ reflections on the EBA TV English lessons in K12 were examined. To describe the offered online teaching process and reveal the good and problematic sides as well as to have the suggestions for better practices, the reflection-on-action approach was adopted and the participants’ critical reflections were analyzed through the qualitative case study. The overall results indicated that the participants appreciated some of the practices in EBA lessons while they were mostly critical to material and activity choices. As for the overall evaluation, they were also emphasized the lack of interaction as the disadvantage of the online education, particularly for language learning. The suggestions to improve the teaching practices on this platform were explained.

Keywords: Reflection-on-action, qualitative case study, pre-service teachers, online education

Volume 8 / Issue 4

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