Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
The Opinions of Teachers Working in Special Education and Rehabilitation Centres About the Support Services for Individuals with Hearing Loss: A Phenomenologic study
Ufuk Atmaca, Yıldız Uzuner

Abstract. It is aimed to investigate the opinions of teachers working in Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers (SERCs) about the support services for individuals with hearing loss. The present research is designed as phenomenology, and the participants are seven teachers who provide support services for students with hearing loss in SERCs. The data were collected by semi-structured interviews, reflective research journals and document. The data were analysed by performing content analysis. Teachers’ perception about the support services they provide in SERCs differs according to their experiences. It was concluded that two different teachers working in the same organization and teaching to the same students with hearing loss could experience the same things with families. However, they assigned different meanings to concepts. It was also concluded that teachers could develop the same perceptions even if they experienced different phenomenon. For example, all the participants perceived the inspections of organizations as a problematic process.

Keywords: Individuals with hearing loss, support services, special education and rehabilitation

Volume 8 / Issue 4

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