Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
Examination of Context Based Question Writing Skills of Science Teachers Participated in a Scientific Literacy Course
Salih Çepni, Ümmühan Ormancı, Bestami Bugra Ülger

Abstract. In this study, an in-depth examination of teachers’ context-based question writing skills in the scientific literacy course developed for science teachers was aimed. In the study, a case study model from qualitative research was used. The study group consists of 25 science teachers working in middle schools in Bursa. Teachers were given theoretical and practical context-based question writing training on the basis of scientific literacy developed by the researchers. Questions and observation were used as data collection tools in the study. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive analysis. The findings from the study showed that teachers learned context-based question structures that measure scientific literacy. Although teachers had some deficiencies in writing context-based question, it was understood that their ability to write questions had improved through the scientific literacy course. We concluded that developing more context-based questions by teachers will decrease the deficiencies identified in the study.

Keywords: scientific literacy, context-based, open-ended question, science teacher, writing skills.

Volume 8 / Issue 4

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