Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
Hülya Sönmez
Prospective Teachers’ Activity Designing Skills in Accordance with Cognitive Constructivism Strategies

Abstract. The aim of this study is to support and examine the level of teaching process designing skills of prospective teachers of Turkish based on two main educational approaches. The research process has been designed in accordance with the stages of the mixed research model. In the first stage of the research, prospective teachers were given training on Revised Bloom Taxonomy (RBT) and 5E model. In the first stage of the study, prospective teachers were provided training on cognitive constructivism strategies. Then; knowledge was given about the teaching strategies developed according to these approaches. In the second stage, prospective teachers designed activities based on these strategies. In the third stage, the designed activities were assessed through a pre-developed rubric. Based on the achievement levels of the activities designed in this stage, the function of RBT and 5E Model and the cognitive and constructivist approaches were compared and evaluated. In the last stage of the study, prospective teachers' feelings and thoughts about RBT and 5E model were examined qualitatively. In this context, semi-structured interview was conducted and the data were collected and analyzed. The findings obtained from the examinations on quantitative and qualitative data were evaluated. According to these findings, it was determined that the activities prepared by prospective teachers according to RBT were generally more successful and sufficient than the activities prepared according to 5E model. According to the results, it was suggested that prospective teachers could design activities by benefiting from cognitive constructive strategies.

Keywords: Activity designing, cognitive constructivism, strategies

Volume 7 / Issue 4

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