Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
Z. Nurdan Baysal, Seda Çarıkçı, Elif Burcu Yaşar
Classroom Teachers’ Awareness of Teaching Thinking Skills

Astract. This study aims to reveal the classroom teachers' awareness of teaching thinking skills. The study
was conducted as a basic interpretive qualitative research design in which we examined the awareness of
teaching thinking skills among the classroom teachers working at the primary schools in the Pendik district
of Istanbul by using a form including open-ended questions. The form included seven open-ended
questions in total. Criterion sampling was used to select the cases. The first criterion was to have five-year
experience in primary school teaching and the second one was to be able to to write down at least four
thinking skills. 37 classroom teachers constituted the study group. The data were analyzed by descriptive
analysis. The findings were grouped under four main categories. Key findings from the study include:
Most of the classroom teachers stated that they have lower awareness that thinking skills are teachable and
must be taught in lessons and they have higher awareness that thinking skills help the students in adapting
to era (globalizing world). Most of the classroom teachers also stated that they have often meet with
problems in teaching thinking skills.
Keywords: Skills, thinking skill, primary school, classroom teachers.

Volume 5 / Issue 1

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