Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
Seyide Eroğlu, Oktay Bektaş
Ideas of Science Teachers took STEM Education about STEM based Activities

Abstract. The purpose of this study was to examine the views of science teachers who trained about STEM regarding the STEM and STEM based activities. The research method of this study is the qualitative research method. The design of this study is the phenomenology. Purposive sampling methodology has been chosen for this study. Therefore, participants were the five science teachers who trained about STEM in advance. These teachers are working in three different secondary schools in Kayseri, Turkey and were randomly selected as a volunteer. While one participant was female, other four participants were male. Data was collected by semi-structured interviews. Data analysis was executed by content analysis. Based on the results, participants mentioned that STEM based activities should be applied at the physics topics best. Participants also thought that there is a relationship between science and technology, engineering, and mathematics. Moreover, all participants stated that they have some disadvantages in using the STEM based instruction in terms of time and material. As suggestions, the number of education regarding STEM based activities should be increased. Moreover, the content of this education regarding the STEM should be expanded. In addition, teachers should be supported in terms of their problems about the STEM.
Keywords: STEM based activities, qualitative research, phenomenology, semi-structured interview

Volume 4/ Issue 3

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