Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
Evaluation of Boarding Secondary Schools in terms of Education Equity
Tugba DEMIREL, Turker KURT

Abstract: The present study aimed to evaluate educational equality in regional boarding secondary schools (YBO) in Turkey opened to meet the educational needs of children who live in rural areas and are in the age of compulsory education. The research was qualitative using the in-depth interview technique and was carried out with the participation of 39 teachers working in BSSs in Ankara, Bingöl and Bartın provinces. The data collected was analyzed with the content analysis technique. In the analysis, according to teachers working in these schools, the education given in YBOs was of sufficient quality and YBOs provide disadvantaged children with access to quality education. However, the children studying in these schools experienced family deprivation, which reflected negatively on their academic success. In Turkey, YBOs provide educational equity in terms of access to education for children living in rural areas, but children have some problems stemming from staying away from family. Additionally, since schools do not meet certain standards, the problem of inequality continues. Based on the results of the research, it is recommended that the differences in quality between boarding schools should be eliminated, teacher turnover rates in these schools should be reduced and permanent teachers should be employed. Also, boarding secondary schools should not be an obligation but an option for children considering that children long for a family which in the absence can have negative effects on academic success.

Keywords: Equity in education, boarding schools, boarding secondary schools, Ministry of National Education

Issue 26

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