Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
A Semiotic Analysis of Digital Educational Games with Religious Themes for Children
Hasan Hüseyin AYGÜL, Gamze GÜRBÜZ

Abstract: Digital educational games with religious themes designed for children are examined in this study. Some of these digital games have educational content which can help in the learning of religious knowledge through the game experience and turning it into practice. Digital games of a religious theme are also designed and offered to consumers on digital platforms in Turkey. In this context, four games named “Path of Heaven”, “Power of Religion”, “Hereafter Quiz” and “Treasure Island” were analysed using Roland Barthes’ semiological method. The children’s religious (digital) socialization is discussed through signs which have the denotation and connotation meanings in these games. It is found that educational digital games with religious themes are functional for children’s religious socialization, but the signs and content need to be pedagogically controlled. It also seems that it is important for parents to check (tracking digital footprints) whether the games are sterile or not.

Keywords: Religion, digital educational game, religious socialization

Issue 25

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