Journal of Qualitative Research in Education

e-ISSN: 2148-2624
Stakeholder Views on Early Literacy and Reading and Writing Acquisition in the Preschool Period

Abstract: This research aims to reveal stakeholder views on early literacy and reading and writing acquisition in the preschool period. It is a case study conducted with the descriptive survey model. The research participants consisted of academics, primary school teachers, early childhood education teachers, primary school teaching students, and prospective early childhood education students. Five semi-structured interview forms were used as the data collection tool. The data were analyzed through content analysis method. The results indicate that stakeholders have a flexible approach to teaching reading and writing in the preschool period and support early literacy education. The roles that early childhood education teachers, preschool education institutions, and parents should play, are presented. It is recommended to increase the cooperation of stakeholders having an essential role in literacy skills development and to reshape the pre-service and in-service training related to early literacy.

Keywords: Teaching, reading and writing, early literacy, early childhood education, stakeholder views.

Issue 25

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