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Volume 3/ Issue 2 (DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.3c2s2m)
Teachers? Perceptions of the Level of their Professional Autonomy
Gökhan Özaslan

Volume 3/ Issue 2 (DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.3c2s1m)
Comparison of Understandings of the 1999, 2011 and 2014 Inspectorship Regulations in the Context of
Turan Akman Erk?l?ç, Engin Dilbaz

Volume 3/ Issue 1 (DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.3c1s4m)
The Study of National Education Ideologies Reproduction Practices by Private Primary School Teachers
Turgay Öntaş

Volume 3/ Issue 1 (DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.3c1s3m)
Investigation of Parents? Expectations About Cochlear Implantation
Nurdan Cankuvvet, Murat Doğan, Hasan Gürgür

Volume 3/ Issue 1 (DOI :14689/issn.2148-2624.1.3c1s2m)
The Reflections of Girls at Risk about Their Future and Profession Perceptions to Their Drawings
Ceren Tekin Karagöz, Nuray Mamur

Volume 3/ Issue 1 (DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.3c1s1m)
Views of Preschool Children?s Parents about Children?s Rights Education
Berrin Dinç

Volume 2/ Issue 3 (DOI :http://doi.org/xzm)
The Views of Classroom Teachers Working in Rural Areas about Using Information and Communication Tec
Nurhan Atalay, ?engül S. Anagün

Volume 2/ Issue 3 (DOI :http://doi.org/xzn)
Evaluation of Teaching Profession Courses In Terms Of Competencies Regarding the Learning and Teachi
Derya Atik Kara, Mustafa Sa?lam

Volume 2 / Issue 2 (DOI :http://doi.org/t2n)
The Students Who Choose Elective Applications of Mathematics Lesson at 5th Secondary School to Cours
Ali R?za Erdem, Galip Genç

Volume 2 / Issue 2 (DOI :http://doi.org/t2p)
The Application of Flipped Learning Model on Individual Violin Lessons
Gül?ah SEVER

Volume 2 / Issue 2 (DOI :http://doi.org/t2q)
The Problems and Solution Efforts of the Resource Room Application Designed for the Mainstreamed Pri
Elif Akay, Y?ld?z Uzuner, Ümit Girgin

Volume 2 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/r33)
Perspective of an Middle School Mathematics Teacher?s on Using WebQuest
Aytaç Kurtuluş, Tuba Ada, H. Bahadır Yanık

Volume 2 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/r32)
Mixed Method Research Experience Based on an Educational Technology Study
Mehmet Fırat, Işıl Kabakçı Yurdakul, Ali Ersoy

Volume 2 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/r3z)
University Students? Perceptions toward Ethical Responsibilities of Faculties
Ferda Erdem, Ece Ömüriş, Özlem Öz, Hüseyin Boz, Mehmet Özmen, Umut Kubat

Volume 2 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/r3x)
Culture Perception through Artistic Design Process at the Sample of Anadolu University Fashion Desig
Suzan Duygu Bedir Erişti , Ayşe Seçil Tekin Akbulut

Volume 1 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/rmg)
Unfolding Meanings: Some Considerations for Qualitative Interview Studies
?smail Özgür So?anc?

Volume 1 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/rmf)
A Critical Look at the Training Process in the Department of Education of the Hearing- Impaired as
Hasan Gürgür

Volume 1 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/rmd)
Teacher Opinions about Hearing Impaired Children?s Literacy Learning
Eren Sar?kaya, Y?ld?z Uzuner

Volume 1 / Issue 1 (DOI :http://doi.org/rmc)
Global Citizenship Education in Social Studies: Experiences of Turkish Teachers and Students in In
Arife Figen Ersoy

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