Journal of Qualitative Research in Education
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Volume 1 / Issue 1  
Arife Figen Ersoy
Global Citizenship Education in Social Studies: Experiences of Turkish Teachers and Students in International Conflict and War
(DOI :http://doi.org/rmc)

Eren Sar?kaya, Y?ld?z Uzuner
Teacher Opinions about Hearing Impaired Children?s Literacy Learning
(DOI :http://doi.org/rmd)

Hasan Gürgür
A Critical Look at the Training Process in the Department of Education of the Hearing- Impaired as a Teacher Educator: Self-Study Research
(DOI :http://doi.org/rmf)

?smail Özgür So?anc?
Unfolding Meanings: Some Considerations for Qualitative Interview Studies
(DOI :http://doi.org/rmg)