Journal of Qualitative Research in Education
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Volume 6 / Issue 1  
Elif Akay, Hasan Gürgür
Professional Development of a Teacher Providing Special Education Support Service: Mentoring
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s1m)

Asuman Aşık, Burtay Hatice Eroğlu İnce, Arzu Şarlanoğlu Vural
Investigating Learning Technology By Design Approach in Pre-Service Language Teacher Education: Collaborative and Reflective Experiences
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s2m)

Hilal Atlar, Yıldız Uzuner
Examining the Emergent Literacy Experiences of a Preschool Child with Hearing Loss
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s3m)

Koray Kasapoğlu, Ali Yıldırım
What Difference does Placement School Make? Contribution of School Characteristics to Professional Growth of Pre-Service Teachers
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s4m)

Ali Çağatay Kılınç, Bahadır Kılcan, Osman Çepni
Examining the Teaching Practice Experiences of Students of Karabuk University Faculty of Literature Having Participated in Pedagogical Formation Certification Program: A Phenomenological Analysis
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s5m)

Bilgen Kıral
A Case Study on the Evaluation of the Cheating
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s6m)

Gizem Köşker, Gülnihal Gülmez
The Role of The Teacher in Building Intercultural Communication Skills in Foreign Language Teaching: Teachers? Views with Examples from France and Turkey
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s7m)

Talip Öztürk, Zeynep Sude Özkan
Investigation of Texts and Images in Life Science Textbooks in Terms of Values
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s8m)

Soner Polat, Celal Teyyar Uğurlu, Mualla Bilgin Aksu
Views of the School Administrators on Their Own Professional Development and Their Leadership Behaviours for the School Improvement
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s9m)

Ahmet Saban, Serap Sarıçelik
Understanding an Introverted Child: A Narrative Study
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s10m)

Erdal Toprakçı, Deniz Gülmez
Education Life of Students from Parents? Perspective (A Qualitative Analysis in the context of Memories)
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s11m)

Ferhan Gündüz
Violence Against Women: Analysis of Murder News
(DOI :10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.6c1s13m)