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  Author : Abdülkadir Uzunöz, Vedat Aktepe, Mevlüt Gündüz
  DOI : 10.14689/issn.2148-2624.1.5c3s14m
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Candidate Teachers' Views on Professional Achievements in Instructional Technologies and Material Design A Qualitative Study

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Uzungöz, A., Aktepe, V., & Gündüz, M. (2017). Öğretim teknolojileri ve materyal tasarımı dersinin, mesleki açıdan kazandırdıklarına ilişkin öğretmen adaylarının görüşleri: Nitel bir çalışma. Eğitimde Nitel Araştırmalar Dergisi - Journal of Qualitative Research in Education, 5(3), 317-339. www.enadonline.com DOI: 10.14689/issn.2148- 2624.1.5c3s14m

Abstract.The aim of this research is to examine the views of the prospective teachers from different aspects regarding of Professional gains Instructional Technologies and Material Design (ITMD). In the research, "Special Case Research", one of the qualitative research approaches, has been used in order to present the opinions of the prospective teachers in detail, data have been collectedvia "Semi-structured student interview form". Content analysis has been used in the analysis of qualitative data. In this context, opinions of the teacher candidates regarding the professional gains of ITMD course have been taken. This are the reasons that ITMD is necessary for Professional gains, individual and social development, changes in their attitudes towards the educational environment, material development project, material utilization competencies and teacher training programs. In addition, opinions from teacher candidates have been analyzed according to gender.The study group of this research consists of 361 students in Nevsehir Haci Bektaş Veli University of Education Faculty. As a result of the research, prospective teachers stated that ITMD course has provided in the aspect of profession with various dimensions such as convenience, effectiveness, experience, permanence, concreteness, efficiency, entertainment, dominance, imagination, visuality, material, hand craft, approach, benefit. Once again, thanks to ITMD course, it has been seen that prospective teachers developed their critical and creative thinking skills through projects, changed their point of views positively towards educational environment and contributed to their individual and social development.In addition, it can be said that Professional gains show great similarities according to gender.

Keywords: :  :Teaching technology and material design course, professional gains, teacher candidates

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